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Hallo ihr Lieben , Hello Dear Friends , Γεια σας Αγαπημένοι μου,

Today i would like to share with you some backstage stories from the Photoshoot for „MAYSER“ Hats.

MAYSER hats ,for those who don’t know, is a hat production Company  ,which specialises ,since 1800, on hats design. MAYSER is known for their innovated hat-design .


All the above make me feel proud for being part of MAYSER’S photoshoot.

So the whole Team started a „Road-trip“ to Venice . It was quite a long trip, so long, that in the end we were all too quiet… hahaha

When we reached Venice that „Magic “ happened. We were suddenly all awake and you could easily see our excitement written all over our faces .

Photographer, Stylist, client & me

We have got the typical Venetian Taxi and we drove home.

The beautiful scenery is beyond comparison .

I share with you some photos.




„Rialto Bridge“

„Ponte dei Sospiri“
„Bridge of Sighs“

„Piazza San Marco“

„Piazza San Marco“

„Basilica della Salute“

The Photoshooting was planned (according to the Callsheet) to take place in the following 2 days.

What a challenge, for the whole crew ..!!! Just imagine being in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and try to focus on your work… that is such  a big „drama“,isn’t it????

The morning comes ,wake up call 03:45am for me & the models ,my beloved Filiz Leyla & the male model Juri Bavaresco.

Of’course it wasn’t that easy for us to open our eyes. Filiz was still sleeping on the makeup chair and me i was pretending doing her hair styling (beach-waves)  . Are you laughing ? No my dear it wasn’t funny at all.






The good news is that we‘ ve made it and we where on time.Our locations were „Piazza San Marco“, “ Ponte dei Sospiri“ .We had to be there around 06:00am so we could catch the sun rises in the morning, and to avoid the crowed .

Many other locations followed : “ Basilica della Salute“ , Grand Canal

The first day went very smoothly and we were all excited about that. Ten hours nonstop work ,with a small break in between , came to an end .

Pascal Albandopulos, Filiz Leyla, Juri Bavaresco

The following day seemed to be easier for us . We didn’t have to wake up so early and the outfits that we planned to photoshoot were only few, comparing to the previous day. Highlight of the day was „Lido “ island . Mega location ,amazing seascape . I definitely recommend it as a holiday destination.

These are moments that my job rewards me for all those things that i had to sacrifice in order to reach this point in my life of fulfilment and gratitude for what i have achieved.

Pascal Albandopulos (photos), Vincenco Buscemi (Photo-assistant), Juri Bavaresco (model)

Thank you very much for loving to follow me on this great journey.

I send you all my love <3

Yours bestie

Maria Tavridou